Yes, Great Resume. Oops, Oh no, Communication Skills!

It’s a Monday and I’m just off the phone with a Client of a Fortune 500 Company,  and, the conversation  from the Hiring Sponsor sounds something like this …:  “Paul where are you on that job search …? We are really under a lot of pressure… We need that Software Engineer like yesterday…”

After a ton of assurances that I will deliver – I hang up the phone knowing the technology skills they need are going to be ridiculously hard to deliver on …  But this is why they pay us the big bucks.

So I drop everything to re-focus on the search and finally;  in the depths of a search, through 5 referrals of a referral, I find the “Killer Candidate” with everything my Client is looking for … The resume hits my email and this for sure is what I am going to use to blow down my Client’s door, because of the excitement of the find, like a raw diamond, not yet cut to precision- but precious, because it’s such a rare find.

With the resume just hot off the laser printer, I run to the phone quickly dialing 3 times as my fingers are dialing faster than they should to get this super candidate on the phone.  I connect …,  and after, “ Hi Chris my name is Paul,  and I wanted to talk to you about a new Software Developer opportunity and was really impressed with your background … la la la …”  I experience, a “Rick Perry Oops moment” … Because I am not expecting the response from the candidate to be anything but great, atleast, a 7/10 if 10/10 is ok, instead, I get  verbal communications skills that are say 5/10 … Now my scale is pretty reasonable I listen to candidates all day who come from all over the world; I  know exactly what my Clients’ needs are from a verbal communications perspective.

Unlike my colleagues south of the border, working in Canada we have 2 major languages French and English for the purposes of this blog let’s focus on the English Language.  It’s assumed that if you work for a Company where the major language is English and where their Clients also speak English, damn…, customer support is in English; improving one’s verbal communications in English makes a lot of sense.

It seems some candidates whose Mother tongue is not English still don`t get that, Rosetta Stone works – ok so I need to brush up on my Spanish for when I head to Florida to play golf in the winter.   Speaking in English at home can also go a long way in improving those skills.  If you’ve got an iPhone use it. You can record your voice and play back.  Practice makes perfect, and, if you don’t have an iPhone … well …

Why is this such a huge concern for Recruiters?  Our clients want and need Recruiters to deliver on a few things:  Candidates with solid proven experience and qualifications, interpersonal skills and yes, strong verbal communications in English.    Great verbal communications skills can separate you from the pack – takes you out of the “just sit there and write the code“ corner.  You don`t need to be at the level of delivering the “King`s Speech” but you must be clear.  Jokes aside – Great communications skills allows you to be more promotable, makes you stand out,  and if you hope to lead or manage people one day great verbal communications skills is a key component.    So let’s work on those verbal communication skills -we don’t want to have any more Oops moments.

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Paul Alfred
Paul Alfred
Paul lives in Toronto Canada and is a Technology Resourcing and Social Media Strategy Consultant.