So now you’ve got the website, great content check, some videos check, funky graphics check, great site user navigation check, and..,  your Facebook fan page is up and running – you’re pushing interesting content from  your web site to your fan page.  Great! Folks hit your fan page, you grab some likes, they leave; until your next post pushed from your web page – you’ve post again to the fan page you even thrown in a video or two, yes, more likes they leave … Hold up.., what’s the problem with this cycle. If you’re looking for just likes then no problem. But if not…You guessed it… 

Your fans are not engaging with your content, why not?  You are posting relevant information from your website but outside of a like on the fan page that’s it … Have you forgotten that this is “Social Media” and you need to “engage” with your audience, but you thought the content from your website was engaging  enough, hmmm, perhaps not, as you’re missing an engagement strategy. 

Yes this is where you look at your content and ask yourself – what are some interesting things I can pull out of my website content that will appeal to my fans on my fan page?  Hold that thought…, here are a few additional questions you should ask yourself before you begin to formulate a fan page engagement strategy: 

  • What kind of conversations can I initiate with my fans around my main message?
  • How far can I deviate from my main message and still make it fun, interesting, relevant?
  • Is there a common interest with my content that my fans can identify with?
  • How can you I tease the content to spur real engagement and not just a like?
  • How can I build fun polls to ask specific questions around my content?
  • Are there influencers you could invite to provide their own positive spin on your content’s main message?
  • What is my perceived online persona is it: “serious” this stuff’s important or you’re “fun” and I digg your content and want more of it?

Remember this should be tied to your overall Social Media Marketing game plan if you want to grow your subscriber base – this is an engagement strategy and must be thought of as the pepper or spark used to fuel interest in your content’s main message.

These questions will allow you to craft an engagement strategy around how you want your fans to react to your posts on your fan page.  If you have identified a common interest that your fans will connect with – you will find that your fans will like, and more importantly  share with their friends and comment on your posts.   Yes, your fans will now be fully engaged with your content.

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Paul Alfred
Paul Alfred
Paul lives in Toronto Canada and is a Technology Resourcing and Social Media Strategy Consultant.