Republicans NO longer stand for “free labor, free land, free men” Black Republicans WAKE UP, THEN WALK AWAY



I never thought I would be involved with politics in anyway, EVER. This is, of course the thought process of a much younger person with different life philosophies.  As I get older I realized the importance of politics and the importance of selecting the right people to hold political positions. These people literally have the fate of my future and my family in their hands. The laws that are created by these politicians can affect my life for many years. This is reason enough to be in tuned to who is in office that is running for office and their philosophies on things that affect my quality of life.


I grew up in a family of Democrats but in my 20’s I switched to the Independent Party. I switched because I didn’t want to just go along with any party without educating myself about that party because I was born into it so to speak.  I wanted the opportunity to form my own opinions and being an Independent offered me the ability to take a look at all parties while not selecting Republican or Democrat.


So far I have always voted Democrat because the party is more in line with my life philosophies whereas the Republican Party is not. I am not a basher of anyone based on their party selection, because I am a believer that people select political parties based on which one better fits their personal needs, therefore politics are totally individual.


As I said, I went the Democratic route based on the current platforms of politicians and the views that they present as their parties philosophy. So I could never really understand how Black Folks could go with the Republican Party. They seem to be against everything that the average working/middle class black person stands for with the ultra conservative stance on everything.


I recently had a conversation about politics that shed some light on WHY any black person would chose to be a Republican and I had a better understanding. REALLY!  It seems that the Republican Party when it originated was very different than it is now.


It seems that the original Republican party was said to be founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and the goal was the opposition to the Democratic party which was primarily southerners that wanted to hold on to the old ways of slavery and such.  In fact the first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln who was dedicated to seeing a change.


Early Republican ideology was reflected in the 1856 slogan “free labor, free land, free men”, which had been coined by Salmon P. Chase, a Senator from Ohio (and future Secretary of the Treasury and Chief Justice of the United States).”Free labor” referred to the Republican opposition to slave labor and belief in independent artisans and businessmen. “Free land” referred to Republican opposition to plantation system whereby the rich could buy up all the good farm land and work it with slaves, leaving the yeoman independent farmers the leftovers. The Party strived to contain the expansion of slavery, which would cause the collapse of the slave power and the expansion of freedom. 


So originally the Republican Party was the exact polar opposite of what they have become.  The party which was know as the party that helped to free blacks from slavery under the rule of President Lincoln is no longer the party that is in the favor of equality for all and for having the best interest of regular working class black people in mind.


Although these parties’ origins were founded in doing what’s best for black folk, this is no longer the party that subscribes to this philosophy. In actuality the party now promotes themselves, as the Republican Party may not even be what non-black conservatives have bargained for. It seems that this party is morphing into something very different that its origins of past and present.  It seems that primary members of this party are even disappointed in the transition of what this party use to be to the new Teabaggers version of the Republican Party.


The Republican Party under President Lincoln’s rule may have had the best interest of the black slaves at heart, but they do not care about present day blacks people, the elderly, the middle class or students NOW. The Republican Party should be considered sort of like a once beloved family member that is now a crack head. Think about Pookie from New Jack City as your reference point.  People that are on drugs are NO longer the same people that they use to be, so we have to view them as such.  The Republican Party is NOT what it was when it was originally started or even what it was just a few years ago.


So, Black Republicans YOU must view this party, not as it once was, but as what it is now. WAKE UP!

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