Playing The RACECARD and 9 Other Things Non-Black People Should Stop Saying

Playing The RACECARD and 9 Other Things Non-Black People Should Stop Saying

Playing The RACECARD and 9 Other Things Non-Black People Should Stop Saying


Playing The RACECARD and 9 Other Things Non-Black People Should Stop Saying

Playing The Race Card

THIS IS the MOST offensive thing you could say to me personally. I am not a violent person but when someone says this it make me want to, back in the day, Mike Tyson style knock their chicklets down their throat. “Playing The Race Card” is WORSE than calling me the N word because PLAYING the Race Card is implying that what black people live with on a daily basis is a game. That our kids getting gunned down in the street like animals is a game, that our men going to prison are a game, that ALL of the injustices that we deal with regularly are a GAME.  If you don’t remember another sentence on this post, REMEMBER that and take that phrase out of your vocabulary.


Why can’t I say the word N word

YES rappers say it all the time, some black people use this word as well but guess what, you are not a rapper and you are not black.  You can’t say Nigger, Nigga, Nig or any such variation without repercussions. What those repercussions are depends on who you say it to and a variety of other things.  This is a WORD that should not be used by black folks, so non-black people should NEVER say it, due to the historical significance that escapes some of our younger generations.

Think about this scenario, suppose you were hanging out with your friend and you called him an Asshole. He would probably not be offended, he may laugh and or he may just call you the same thing.  However, think of walking up to a perfect stranger and calling him an Asshole, I think you would get a different response or you might not do it. Think about that when you feel that driving need to say the N word. Also while we have our thinking caps on, explore your inner feeling and discover WHY you want to use the N word. It may allow you to get in touch with your inner racist, then you can work on NOT being a racist.


Can I touch your hair?

HELL NAW, you can’t touch my hair, what am I, a freaking Chia Pet?  Why do you even WANT to touch my hair? Touch your own damn hair and pretend like you touched mine. Why not wait for a black person to say, “ Hey, do you want to touch my hair?” Until then, STOP asking.


Why don’t you wash your hair every day?

Because WE don’t HAVE to, that’s why. If we want to wash it daily, we can, if we don’t we don’t have to. If you didn’t have to wash yours everyday would you? We generally, do not build up oils in our hair so if the hair was not oily on Monday, it still won’t be oily on Wednesday. If you see a black persons hair that is oily it is usually due to applying TOO much product, not oils mass-producing at the scalp level. THAT just doesn’t happen.


Why Do Black People Smell differently:

Probably due to a type of lotion or hair product, not anything weird, WE do not ooze smells. Most people that smell differently are using some type of fragrance. It’s not complicated.


Why Do Black Men wear colorful clothing:

Because some of them want to, they find them stylish and WHY not?  Who wants to wear the same dull, grey, black or navy suit without switching it up. BORING. SOME OF OUR men want to look good too, just as our women.


Why Do Black people eat so much watermelon:

Actually, I have personally seen more non-black people eating watermelon than black people. Contrary to what the masses believe, watermelon is probably more of a southern thing than a black thing. However since a fair amount of black folks come from the south, yes watermelon can go down in the black community, but so can it in the white community. So get over the watermelon thing already, it makes you sound uneducated.


Why Do Black People eat so much Fried chicken

Read the explanation for watermelon and take out watermelon and add fried chicken.


Why don’t black people age?

I will NOT say, Black Don’t Crack, but know that I am thinking exactly that. I am not a dermatologist but I believe it’s due to the melanin in our skin and it’s ability to block out most of the harmful rays of the sun. The downside to that is that we do not absorb the much-needed Vitamin D as we need to, so most black people should take a Vitamin D Supplement.


The UP side is that we need ONE damn perk of being black!

As you were




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