Paul Alfred was born in Jamaica to a Dad from Trinidad and Tobago and a Mom from Jamaica and the eldest of 3 siblings.  He grew up in Jamaica and Cayman Islands before being sent to Toronto, Canada by his Parents to get a University education.    2 Years into the Computer Science Major program at Ryerson University – Paul applied to IBM as a joke, and they actually hired him as a young Programmer and Business Systems Analyst.  After a few years of working at IBM and a few contracts in the Banking industry– Paul realized that he was born to be an Entrepreneur.

Paul Raised ½ Million in venture cap and launched a Digital Media Company called Compumercial in 1994 – the Startup housed Animators and Illustrators to support Ad Agencies that needed a new spin on how they brand client’s messages to building out Websites on Silicon Graphics machines– all before the age of 26 – it was fun while it lasted – until an article in a Newspaper written by a President of a Technology Staffing Company got his attention.  He called the President to discuss the article and was invited to come down and look at the Staffing Industry.    At first he was a little hesitant – then dived in – where after 15 years he covered everything there was to cover in the industry to running his own Company in 2006 called  Pinpoint Recruitment Experts for 6 years.

Paul currently resides in Toronto Canada and works as an Independent Corporate Recruiter and a Social Media Strategy Consultant.   Paul is also the Social Media Community Manager for Who’s Who in Black Canada.