Molly Danger

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I love comic books.  Well, I’m a geek so it’s part of the job description.  Yet despite my love of the medium, I’ve always had a serious problem with it’s depiction of female superheroes.

Often drawn in porn-star poses (with the outfits to match), the majority of superheroines in mainstream comic books are: overly sexualized, cardboard derivatives of male counterparts, and confined to second or third-tier status in storylines.

Such depictions are not only exploitative and sexist, but they also deprive young women of empowered representations of superheroes they can relate to – until now.

Scheduled to debut in mid-2013,  a new superhero will make her highly anticipated debut.

Her name is Molly Danger.

My prediction is Molly will turn the comic book industry on its stodgy ear.

Jamal Igle

Jamal Igle. Photograph ©Luigi Novi

Molly Danger is the brainchild of industry veteran Jamal Igle.  Mr. Igle is a supremely talented comic book artist and writer, whose career includes drawing such seminal characters as Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and countless others.

Due to his deep desire to create a dynamic, positive superhero who reflects the joy and wonder rarely found in today’s mainstream comic books, Mr. Igle has decided to independently publish the first exploits of Molly Danger.

Since initial funding has been secured with a successful (hooray!) Kickstarter campaign, Molly Danger will make her arrival in 2013.

For more information about Jamal Igle and his plans for Molly Danger, please check out this introductory video he created for the Kickstarter campaign:


To state how extremely difficult it is for a black comic book creator to successfully launch a  new, major superhero is as much an understatement as saying Mitt Romney is a member of the one percent.

However, Mr. Igle has the talent, determination and skill to pull it off.  He just needs our support.  So I encourage you check out his Kickstarter page for more information on the project, and make plans to get your copy of  Molly Danger when it is published.

I believe in Molly. I hope you do too.



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