I am a huge advocate of saving money and I have been since I was young.  This is very important especially in a tough economy.  People question HOW you can save money when we are all struggling to pay bills and stay afloat in this tough economy. I say you can’t afford NOT to save money in this economy.   If fact t is not even optional, it is mandatory!

With the economy being so tough it may be harder but it is more of a reason to try to save as much as possible because you just never know when your financial stability could be in jeopardy.  One can never tell when we require just a little bit of extra money for an unexpected reason.


I wrote a blog post on 13 Things That Black Folks Need To Do In 2013 and saving more money was the backbone of that post. This is primarily because most things have its origins in having the ability to pay for thing. If you want to pay down your debt, you need to save money. If you want to start a new business, you’ll need money to do that.  So the importance of having the ability to save money is HUGE in accomplishing goals.


In my online travels I come across amazing things and I happened across the 52 Week Money Challenge savings chart. I just thought this was such a cool thing that JUST sharing it with my followers was just not enough. I felt as if it needed to reach many more people and more people in our community as we are in need of HELP in the finance area. YUP, I went there.  J Seriously, everyone can really benefit from saving more money.


So I am challenging YOU to use the chart below to start saving money this year, as a matter of fact you are already behind.   If you are up for the challenge of starting your GOAL to saving 1,128.00 in 2013 I dare you to start!


I have started and I am 100% invested in doing this. Let me know how you are making out!



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