March 10, 2013
Violence And Thug Life Has Invaded Our Culture

Violence And Thug Life Has Invaded Our Culture And Is Hurting Our Women

I believe that thug life has invaded our mentality as a culture so much so that some things that would have been found to be unacceptable [...]
February 17, 2013

Be The Person You’d Like To Date

  I will honestly say that I am not big on the dating scene and I may not be the person to listen to in regard [...]
January 14, 2013

Be Irresistible in 8 Simple Steps

Ever wonder what you can do to make yourself irresistible to the man you want or your current man?  I have a few tips I think [...]
December 22, 2012

As Women, We Should Be Looking For Barack Obama NOT Lil Wayne

  As single black women we know the challenges of juggling life, work, single motherhood, continuing education and dating. It can be tough because there are [...]