Ever wonder what you can do to make yourself irresistible to the man you want or your current man?  I have a few tips I think can help women that are getting back into the dating game or just want to make a new impression on their current man.

1.  Smell Good. 

I love perfume; I think I might even have a perfume fetish because I love to smell good.  I am always experimenting with new scents that work well with my body chemistry.  I also test them on my man by asking him which scent he likes the best on me.  Once I’ve found one we both like I wear it whenever we are together making sure I put some in my hair so he can smell it there when we make love.  A man loves a good smelling woman just as much as we like a good smelling man so make sure you ask your man or the new guy your dating if he likes your perfume or what scents he likes the best and wear them.  Remember that certain scents don’t blend well with certain materials so make sure to cover both your skin and clothing with your perfume.

2.  Self Confidence.

Exude your self confidence and self love no matter your body size, skin color, length of hair, etc there are men out there that love you just the way you are so love yourself and have confidence.  Men love a woman who takes pride in her appearance and takes time to take care of herself.   If your going out on a date put on that outfit that you know you look good in.  When you know you look good it comes through in how you carry yourself and men find that irresistible.

3.  Find out what he loves most. 

Men love to talk about the topics they love so take the time to find out what he loves most and indulge him by having conversations about his passions.   Don’t be fake.  If he loves sports or a certain team; take the time to research the team so you can add to the conversation or debate with him on why you may feel another team may be better.  I love cars so it isn’t hard to find a man that isn’t willing to share how much he loves cars too.  If you really like this guy you need to be able to talk about what he loves.   Giving him an opportunity to share what he loves will not only make him feel good but it will also make him feel good about you.

4.  Talk about what you love too. 

Just as he will feel good when discussing what he is passionate about with you, you will also feel good when discussing topics you love with him.  When you discuss what you like you light up, you will smile, you are passionate, you are knowledgeable and all this makes you look attractive to him.

5.  Make Him Work For IT.

Ladies men love a challenge so if you are too quick to give up the goods the challenge is gone and most men lose interest.  Be coy, have fun, sometimes be elusive but never be too accessible.  It is good to go MIA sometimes just because you have other stuff to do.

6.  Don’t lose yourself. 

Your man does not complete you.  You are all you need to complete YOU; please don’t get lost in what we see on TV and think that is what is needed for a man to love you.  Women often put everything (friends, family, outside interests) on the back burner when they find the man they think is perfect.  Even if he is perfect it is never good to lose yourself.  Your individuality, your uniqueness, your interests, etc are the attributes that drew him to you; don’t forget who you are.  Continue the girl’s nights out, your zumba classes, your meditation, and spiritual studies and keep your individuality while at the same including time for and attention to your new or current guy.

7.  Stroke his ego. 

Men are proud therefore when you see your man has made an accomplishment that he is proud of recognize it by letting him know you are proud of him.  Let him know from time to time that he looks nice, smells good, play in his hair or rub his baldhead.  Brag about his accomplishments or how good he looks in front of friends.  Let him know how well he satisfies you in the bedroom. Take it a step further and call him later in the day and let him know you’re still thinking about the intimacy.

8.  Make him feel wanted.

This last one should wait until you know you and your new guy are headed in the right direction.  Small public displays of affection (PDA) can make a man feel secure.  You will have to gauge how far to go with your PDA’s because some men are very uncomfortable with affection in public.  Email him a love letter, send him a YouTube video of a love song that reminds you of him and send him a card or flowers.  Men love to know they are being thought of.

These are 8 steps will not guarantee that you will be irresistible but they will definitely help you if you have found the right guy.  Remember that when looking for a good man you have to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.  Often the right guy can be right in front of you but if you aren’t ready mentally and spiritually the relationship will not work, therefore you should never stop improving you for you and you only.

This is not an all-inclusive list, therefore I welcome tips from both men and women alike.

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Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
Tami Highbaugh-Abdullah
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