December 21, 2012
black sitcoms

6 Definitve Reasons Why ‘The Cosby Show’ Remains The Best Sitcom Ever

Friends and Frasier are among the most successful situational comedies a.k.a. “sitcoms” ever created. In fact, these comedy blockbusters were so popular, the Thursday nights they [...]
October 18, 2012

Black Cowboys And Pioneers – An Uncovered History

I’ve never liked westerns. The portrayal of white settlers as brave, courageous pioneers who had to defend themselves from evil, savage, Native Americans had too much [...]
September 30, 2012
Molly Danger

Love Comic Books? Then You Need Some Danger!

I love comic books.  Well, I’m a geek so it’s part of the job description.  Yet despite my love of the medium, I’ve always had a [...]