March 18, 2014

Stop giving people your personal information. Identity theft is REAL!

Today I noticed a strange number in my recent calls list.  I had seen the number before but couldn’t remember whom it was and they didn’t [...]
January 20, 2014

Has Parental Control Been Lost, Social Media & Our Children

Communication in the 70’s and 80’s I remember when I was 12 or 13 years old, we only had one phone line in the home.    If [...]
February 14, 2013

Who Must File a Tax Return for the 2012 Tax Year?

It’s tax time and even though I shut down my Tax Service in an effort to focus on my Branding Business I still get the some [...]
January 14, 2013

Be Irresistible in 8 Simple Steps

Ever wonder what you can do to make yourself irresistible to the man you want or your current man?  I have a few tips I think [...]
October 2, 2012

Why Don’t Black People Support Black Businesses?

Why don’t we as black people support black business? I have a theory as to why we don’t but I wanted to hear it from my [...]
September 24, 2012

Why I Work From Home….. 8 Benefits of being a Home-Based Entrepreneur

When I first started my home based business I had 3 grade school aged children; being a single mother I found that working in corporate America [...]
September 12, 2012

Want to build brand trust? Start with your graphics!

Aesthetics when it comes to brand marketing is everything.  If you are using your cousin, daughter, brother in law or your friend down the street to [...]